Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh, ferrana with cheese on it!

That's what Catie says when she's her adorable little girl voice..."OH, FerrANa with cheese on it!!"  That's how I feel with myself...a little annoyed at my lack of blogging and keeping y'all up to date.  BUT...

Guess what?!?  We did God's grace...we did it!  We sold our stuff (most of it, anyway), and we have moved.  I have been a terrible blogger but for a very good reason...we have been stretched!  On the days that were hard, this song by Kristene Mueller just blessed my heart SO much.  Sometimes while I was packing and working, I just put it on repeat over and over.

Our last weeks in Waco were PRECIOUS to my heart.  We were surrounded by AMAZING friends who helped us, loved us, served us, encouraged our socks of, and sent us out feeling strengthened and encouraged.  I've always looked at people moving to another country and wondered how in the world they did it.  And now I step at a time with God and community and prayer.  That's how!

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  1. God, community and prayer ... I'm challenged to run my race that way too. Thank you for a good reminder. I see your love and faith and obedience and it blesses me. Love, mom


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