Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Because that's who I am"

Any moms out there get tired of hearing the SAME thing in the car over and over and over??  My kids have been in a major Veggie Tales stage in the car.  My friend, Bri, gave us a copy of Pistachio.  I could probably recite it from memory at this point.  But not too long ago, we were listening to it when out of the blue a line stood out to me and brought tears to my eyes.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR ME!!  Crying about Veggie Tales?!?  In the story, the dad is going after his son to rescue him, and he says, "Because that who I am, that's what I'm gonna do!"

I really relate to that little line.  Because sometimes I don't WANT to do the next thing.  I don't WANT to keep training my kids on something we've been working on for years and years.  I don't WANT to clean the same laundry again.  I don't WANT to leave friends.  Whatever the thing is that I'm not wanting, I love remembering that I do these things from a place of being loved and deep security.  Just typing that makes me take a deep breath, and I feel peace wash over me.  Where we are right now is a place that is beyond anything I could EVER do in my own strength.  But because God has called me, loved me, strengthens me, loves me, I'm gonna keep taking the next steps.  Who I am is a daughter of the I'm free to move forward with peace and security!!

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