Wednesday, June 20, 2012

adventure days!

We've set aside every Thursday while we're in ATL to do adventures with my family.  We don't schedule meetings with people, and we just have FUN!  Our first adventure was only 3 days after we got here, so we DEFINITELY didn't want car time!  We went out to breakfast together and then went to a park and waded and splashed in the cold stream.

It was a BLAST!!

Our second adventure day was really special.  Z and Catie both did an art camp at Out of the Box in Alpharetta last week.  It's one of my FAVORITE places in the world.  If you want your kids to have an amazing art experience, it's the place to go!  Catie's camp was in the morning, so we did boy adventure in the morning.  We went to the Chattahoochee Nature Center (THANKS, FRAN!!) with them and had a blast.  I was there as a kid, and they have done a serious upgrade since then!

Y'all KNOW that Z was in his element with science stuff!

Jake and the snake!

These paths led us by amazing birds and onto hiking trails!  We LOVED it!

While Z had camp in the afternoon, we had a GIRL adventure with 4 mom, my Nana, Catie-girl, and me.  We had a tea party together!

Here's Catie picking out which hat and jewelry to wear.

Catie was in her element!  What a precious blessing to get to be all together!
We're looking foward to adventure #3 tomorrow!!


  1. Cristie, what fun to catch up this morning on all you have been doing. What fun adventures you have been having. I love seeing the pictures of the kids. We sure missed you when you left. We loved having you here for those few days. I think your blog is amazing and I love reading each one. Love you,

  2. I love the purple hat! Such fun memories you are storing away in your heart with your family.


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