Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How you can pray for me...today!

The past weeks have been hard and getting increasingly harder.  (With joy mixed in there, too, of course!)  But I was weary...to the bone.  And wondering, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?"  My husband has been an absolute lifesaver...has let me cry on his shoulder so many times.  But I was still getting worried about myself.  I was actually RELIEVED that Christmas was over.  Was so weary with parenting that I was snappy and not enjoying my kids.  Was unmotivated to get stuff done.  None of that is like me.  I was starting to wonder, "Am I depressed?"  As I've processed with John the last few weeks, I had some thoughts...

-the transition and pace of this past year has taken a toll on my body, and I feel like my tank is empty
-John kept nicely reminding me that I'm pregnant and that I'm always tired during pregnancy.  (Not to mention that I'm 36 this time which feels like I'm 80.  HOW DID SARAH DO IT?!?) 
-that I HAVE TO take better care of myself...drink water, fix myself up, excercise...just love myself so that I can love the precious ones around me that God has given me to love!

About 2 weeks ago we found a BUNCH of mold behind our bed.  And I thought, "Maybe this is part of why I'm feeling so crummy and coughing all the time."  We cloroxed the wall down, but I've just kept feeling worse and worse the last couple weeks.  Two days ago I FINALLY went to the doctor.  And yep, I had bronchitis heading toward pneumonia.  She didn't want to take a chest x-ray because of the baby, but she dosed me up with 2 antibiotics, 2 inhailers, and cough medicine.  I'm already starting to feel like a person again!!!  I can do stuff without getting out of breath.  I WANT to see my kids when they wake up in the morning.  I cooked dinner last night.  (My dad's FAMOUS potato soup that he always makes when one of us is sick)  So I'm encouraged...and I think I'm on the right track!!  But will you please pray...

*for full healing
*for protection for baby Hannah as my body heals
*for my tank to be supernaturally filled!  I REALLY want to get back to a place of operating out of peace and joy...NOT out of survival!
*for my tummy...the medicines are making my mouth taste metalic and my stomach feel nausea

Yesterday morning at breakfast, our family asked God what He wanted to say to us about this year.  Zach felt like God said He had fun with all of us last year.  I loved that!  And John and I both heard the word PEACE.  We feel like this is what God is speaking over our year.  YAY!!!!  I also felt like this song came to my mind...

THANK YOU for being part of this journey and praying for me!
Love and hugs to you from way over here!