Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st stop...Huntsville!

After the most wonderful send-offs from Waco, we headed out EARLY in the morning June 1 and headed toward Atlanta.  My dad (aka superhero) flew into Shreveport and drove the truck with our stuff the rest of the way to Atlanta.  John hopped in the van with me, and we headed to Hunsville, AL!  One of my mom's best friends lives there...Aunt Pat and her wonderful husband, Charlie.  When we got there, she had a delicious dinner ready for us, and my mom was there, too!!  Pat and Charlie are so incredibly special to us.  They're nurturing, kind, godly, fun people.  We had a couple days with them and left their house feeling so much more refreshed!  We also got to visit their super-special church--Paint Rock Missionary Baptist Church!  We loved it!

One day we went to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. 

This thing is built out of Knex!!

Jacob wanted to ride this ride, and this is the moment before it started and he FREAKED out, and I almost started crying for him.  I wasn't winning any mommy of the year awards at this moment!!

Here we are with Aunt Pat!

Thanks, Aunt Pat and Uncle Charlie!!  We LOVED our time with you guys!!

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