Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to Atlanta!

My parents went ALL OUT getting ready for us to invade their house.  They redid a bathroom so we could have our own shower.  They spruced up a couple rooms, cleared out closets, and welcomed us and all our stuff with open arms.  Here are some fun peeks...

 Can you believe that jewelry box?!?  My dad made it!!!  It's walnut wood and is ones of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!!

Thanks, mom and dad, for loving us in SO many ways!!

A few days after we got here, we went to STONE MOUNTAIN and some of our dearest friends came in town from Tennessee to hang out with us.  We have loved them and gotten to walk through lots of stages of life together.  We had a blast hanging out, being introduced to geocaching, watching our kids play together, catching up, and experiencing the LASER SHOW!

{Renae, I LOVE YOU!!!}

We're so thankful for the sweet times we're getting to have here in our hometown!

And I'm excited to tell you that TODAY one of my very BFFs comes in town to see me!  She's flying in from Indiana just so we can have a little time together.  I am SOOOOOOOO excited!

Thanks for reading and following along with our journey!

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