Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello, Fellowship Bible Church!

Welcome to everyone joining us from the FBC Serve Conference.  For those of you who don't know, John is at our Atlanta church today!  I've gone to church there from the time I was four years old until we moved to TX two years ago.  I'm hoping that lots of you got to see John today or meet him for the first time.  He is such a blast and lives his life with so much integrity, so I'm glad you got to know him.  If this is your first time visiting our blog, then...


And if you're already a regular around here, thanks for coming back!  We're so glad you're here and would love to invite you to jump into this amazing journey God has called us move to the middle east to build relationships, share Jesus, disciple people, and be a part of a Regional Headquarters for Antioch Ministries International.  Wow, that's a mouthful...but it means we'll just invest in people in our country and city, and we'll get to invest in missionaries throughout the middle east and Africa.  I can't really imagine anything more exciting!  We feel so blessed that we GET to do this!

So, how can you be a part of it with us?
1.  Pray!!! 
2.  Contact us to get our updates. jmcm97@gmail (dot) com  That will help you know how to pray and ways to be involved!
3.  Follow our blog...just hit follow to be notified when we put up a new post.  It's another way to get to know our family and to know how to pray. 
4.  Come visit in the Middle East.  You probably should go ahead and get on our calendar.  We're expecting LOTS of visits!  :-)
5.  Set up an appointment with us this summer.  We need a team of financial supporters who will invest in this ministry.  Just email us, and we'll connect with you to find a time!  It'll be low pressure but fun to be together and to get to share what God has called us to do.
6.  Call, email, leave a comment on the blog...just loving us and encouraging us in the journey would mean so much.  And thank you to all of you who already do that so well!

Well, thanks for stopping by to talk to John today.  Thanks for clicking the link to our website, and thanks for being part of this amazing adventure!

John and Cristie

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