Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun 2 days part 2

Today we went and saw 3 schools and a language school. The schools for the kids were fascinating. Two were bilingual...and big...and impressive. One was smaller and caters to third culture kids. The two big ones don't have openings, but we're on the waiting list. We'd really appreciate your prayers for direction.

I'm sorry for the lack of pics. Most of them are on our camera, so we'll post more pics once we're home. But here are a couple pics of the boys I'm missing...(except they're the pics are in the first post cause posting from the iPad is a little wonky!)

Awww...I miss those boys! Can't wait to see them in a few days!! A couple months ago, I was having a day of feeling like "what are we doing to our kids?!" We're choosing a life that has so many benefits for them, but it also involves lots of transition, lots of unknowns, living farther from grandparents, and less roots (which I highly value!). And in that moment of fear in my heart, I felt like God said, "you did not choose Me, but I chose you" and peace just flooded my heart...cause I know that since God is choosing this life for our family that even in the transition and the unknown that there will be Life and joy in the midst. Being here and seeing it with my own eyes has brought so much peace to my heart, too. This is a good place. And I can't wait to see all the ways that God shows up in the midst of this journey!


  1. So glad you can see the start of an exciting journey! Will pray about the schools...

  2. I love your perspective here... "you did not choose Me, but I chose you."


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