Monday, March 19, 2012

back home from our trip!

It has felt so good to be back home.  We missed the boys SO much, so we've gotten to enjoy lots of hugs and snuggles and wrestles!

Our trip was really, really amazing!  We come back more excited than ever about what's next for us.  We loved the place and the people we got to meet.  We loved out teammates and their kids. 
I love the mix of Arab culture and western influence.  We are NOT going to be roughing it! 
Here's proof...

A mac store!  There is every store imaginable, malls,'s a cool place!
It's also a really cool mix of third world and modern.  Modern stores and restaurants with sheep or goats or camels on the lot next door.  You can easily jump in a taxi for not too much money.  Kids don't need car seats.  It's a different world...but not so different, too.

We got to look at 3 schools.  No decisions yet, and nothing seems to be the perfect fit.  Most schools are already full for next year, and the one that has openings doesn't have Kindergarten.  So, we're still praying it through.  And knowing that God has a great plan for us and our kids!

While we were there, we got to do some COOL stuff!  Here's us on Mount Nebo where Moses got to go to look at the promised land...

Here's what we were looking at...

Here we are at the dead sea...

A street view...

I know some of you haven't gotten a chance to visit us in Waco, but don't worry.  There's lots of amazing stuff to do right around our new hometown, so you can just come visit there!  :-)


  1. Great news Cristie (about not roughing it)! So fun you got to visit those places. And you look fabulous in these photos too!

  2. ... I'm not so sure about that Mac store. :-)


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