Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A fun 2 days!

Yesterday we went to some friends' house who live here in the city and work for the same company that we work for. It was so fun to get to know them and pick their brain about education, language learning, and what they would pack to bring. For example, I need to bring my face moisturizer because many of them here have skin whitener. Good to know!! They served us our first Arabic breakfast...falafel, hummus, pita, and eggs with veggies. Soooo yummy!

We got to do 3 taxi rides yesterday, but don't be impressed! The only reason we got anywhere was because of our friends here who speak Arabic told the driver where to take us! We got to see John's new office which was so nice.

We spent the evening hanging out with our teammates. I'm really enjoying and so thankful for this sweet opportunity to start building relationship. We're working through a long list of questions provided by the home office in America. Those questions are providing us with great jumping off points to have some good conversations. I made a coca-cola cake for everyone. But at the corner store they only had Pepsi. I did feel slightly traitorous to my Atlanta roots!! :-)

Catie is doing so great here. We went to McDonald's the other day. She went right into the play area and made a friend. She was excited to see camels yesterday. She said, "I KNEW there would be camels here!" She's trying new foods, sleeping well, playing with new friends...I'm really proud of her.

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