Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy birthday to all of you...

Our fam has two birthdays in February and two in April.  Then Zach gives me a break until August.  We had a lot of fun celebrating everyone!

Mom and Pat were here for John's 40th birthday this year.  We got to go away for a whole night.   It was THE BEST.

Catie's birthday was next.  8 years old!!  I'm not sure how that's possible!  She had a tea party birthday (of course) and had some friends over to celebrate.  Aunt Chantel made her a delicious cake (in a tea cup).

Next up, my baby turned 2!!

(Catie and I made a rainbow cake!)

And last but certainly not least, Jacob turned 6.

(Our house helper brought him this cake and AMAZING candle.  Check out how the bakery spelled Jaquap!)

Next up...pirate party!

I love celebrating my loves!
But I'm happy that I don't have to bake another cake until August!  : )

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