Monday, August 26, 2013

Goodbye Portugal, hello desert heat!

Just a tip for all of you who are wanting to move to the Middle East (and there should be a lot of you cause the ME is where it's at!)...the middle of the summer heat during Ramadan isn't the FUNNEST time, but you gotta jump in sometime, right?!?  Some people in our family literally cried as we left Portugal.  We were so blessed by a sendoff and prayer by friends, and we were off again...onto the next adventure.  But getting a little tired of adventures at this point if you want to know the truth.
We arrived in our new city, and the kids had slept about one hour (or less) on the overnight flight, and we were all tired but determined to push through until bedtime. We seized the time to get sim cards for our phones, groceries, and a rental car.
Here's J falling asleep in chair waiting for us to figure out cell phone stuff.

We were super-blessed to have some friends who let us housesit/dogsit for 6 weeks while they were in the US this summer.  So we moved into their house.  Then we said goodbye to John for 2 weeks, and he flew to our previous country to shut down the business, load our stuff onto a shipping container, and finish selling some things.
So what do you do in a new country for 2 weeks alone with 4 children?!?

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