Monday, August 26, 2013

Gift from God!

3 days after John got here, some dear friends came from Texas and helped us for 2 weeks. 
They loved our kids...
Helped us get things accomplished,
researched things we needed to figure out,
prayed with us,
babysat for date nights.
Here are a few pics from one of my FAVORITE date nights!!
Ikea and a book store
(That sign still makes me laugh every time I see it!)
They watched the kids while we house hunted. And hunted.  And hunted.
But what we mostly came to realize is that we just can't afford much here (yet!).  So please pray with us for God to keep opening doors for us here.
One day we did a research day to look for venues for conferences we'll host here.
Best!  Research! Day! Ever!
 Mr. Rick and kids checkin out the birds
We had a lot of fun together and were so blessed to be able to move forward with getting some things accomplished as we settle here.  Thanks, Rick and Tammy!!  We love y'all!

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