Thursday, May 16, 2013

pre-baby days/worst blogger ever!

The last few weeks of my pregnancy were so different than we expected.  We have had this little girl on our heart for about 5 years.  We felt like God had told us way back then that she would be coming and to name her Hannah.  It's a long and wonderful story, but the bottom line is that we were excited to meet this little sweetie!!! 

Early labor started at the end of February with trips taken to the hospital to get shots to get her lungs ready and days of bedrest.  But then, my body just STOPPED!  Like completely stopped all labor.  Every week I went to the doctor and heard, "No change."  Around week 38 it was all I could do to not cry in front of the poor man when he gave me that news.  My last 2 babies were born at 37 weeks, and I could not understand why my body was acting completely different this time.  I honestly felt a little betrayed by my body at the time...almost everything in my life is different right now...couldn't my body just act normal?!?

So we made the most of those weeks with some family time.  And enjoyed the freedom of that new car!!
We made homemade playdough.  (Cause buying it here costs a small fortune!!!) 
Tah-dah!  I know I've said it before, but one amazing thing about raising kids overseas is seeing them develop thankful hearts for the simple things.
We went to the park...
We cooked together...
My tummy kept getting bigger...
We went on some walks...
OK, this picture below was one of my proudest moments I've had here.  I took all three kids BY MYSELF and drove about 30 minutes away to a part of town that has lots of plant nurseries.  The kids and I picked out plants, and I got to speak in Arabic to the sellers.  Then we came home and planted all afternoon.  I didn't take great pictures of the plants...they look so much prettier in person, but the combo of finding a new place, driving here, speaking Arabic, fun times with my kids.  Well, it was a winning moment!!  {And sometimes when you're living in a new country, those feel few and far between!}
Some art's a picture Catie drew of her and Jesus walking on water. 
I can't even express how much I love this picture!!
and bigger...
We went on a picnic with friends.  Isn't this country BEAUTIFUL?!?

Some dear and amazing friends threw me a surprise baby shower.  I wish I had gotten a group shot of everyone.  I was SHOCKED and so blessed by these friends.  I got some adorable things for little Hannah!
And then the last night before Hannah was born, we used some Christmas money from John's family and went out for a family fun night. {Thanks, fam!}
Next blog post...time for baby Hannah!!!


  1. Just read all your posts Cristie! Yay for that victory getting plants! So sweet to see all the ways the Father has loved on you in these days, especially with Hannah's birth!!!

  2. What fun to catch up! Love the posts and pictures. You, my sweet friend, are amazing! Love you all!


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