Thursday, May 16, 2013

Easter, Roman ruins, and a lot of fun with mom

My mom got to be here for Hannah's first two weeks of life.  What a blessing and a joy!  She's so great at sharing the up times and the down times.  And praise the Lord for frequent flier miles!!!  She hasn't had to buy a ticket to come here.  We had some amazingly fun times while she was here.
Easter cupcake-making time with Catie...
Catie lost 3 teeth while she was here!
Going out to eat for a few fun meals
Cooking times with each kid.  Here are her and Catie making her amazing yeast biscuits...
Snuggle times
Do you know that I love to organize things?  I do.  It's weird, but true.  So mom and I organized the legos.  It sounded like a great idea before we dumped out all the legos.  Then it wasn't as fun as we had dreamed!  : )  Here they are in their individual color.  We took a picture because that's the only time they looked like that!
To make up for that bad, not really...actually, to celebrate mom's 60th birthday, we went to the Four Seasons and had a fancy tea together.  Soooooo much fun!!
We kept the fun coming with at trip to an amazing ancient Roman city!
{Zach is that tiny little person at the top!  I felt a little weak-kneed, but I was trying to let him be a boy!}
Such a sweet time full of enjoying little Hannah and having fun as a family!

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  1. What an amazing time! The ruins looked incredible to see. You cracked me up with your Lego idea. I miss you tons!


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