Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cars are AMAZING!

The first 6 months of our time here, we didn't have a car.  We rode taxis when we wanted to go somewhere.  Now, there are some positives to riding in a language practice, meeting some really nice drivers, getting to start learning my way around, and not having to walk everywhere.  But there are walking a few blocks to the main road while herding kids, trying not to get ripped off by the occasional rude driver (but learning to be assertive and say "I'm not paying that!"), always riding in the back seat with 3 kids (no women sit up front in taxis).  Well, two months ago (a few weeks before Hannah was born), we got a car!!!!  It's a joy, a treat, an amazing and wonderful experience to hop in our car, go where we want to go, load groceries in the back.  Ahhhhhh...the world has opened up!  : )

It's a KIA Carens.  So nice!
See that rear tire?  It has already had a flat tire.  But it's fixed now!
Our first drive!  This is the nicest and best looking driver I've had since I got here.
And he let me ride in the front seat!  WOOHOO!!
Oops...I learned the hard way that if you leave one of the middle seats leaning forward that the whole middle row crashes up when you stop.  I'm glad Catie got her legs out of the way quickly. 
I'm so thankful!!  And I'm happy to report that driving here is going really, really well.
I did scare my mom to death when she was here, but that's part of the adventure of visiting a new country...right?!?

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