Monday, November 19, 2012

You might live in the Middle East if...

-Your kids love to build things in the yard out of old pipes, pine straw, sand, and extra tiles lying around.

-Your daughter learned the saying "I've got a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it" from you dad, but she changed it to "I've got a haroof (sheep), and I'm not afraid to use it."  Makes taxi drivers laugh every time she says it when we pass the "haroofs" close to our house!

-You've actually gotten used to sitting in the back of a taxi with all three children to go anywhere.  Even more impressive, your kids have gotten used to it!

-Taking candy from strangers isn't's an all-the-time experience. looking for another way to teach stranger danger.

-Your house is dusty again the same day it gets dusted.

-You hang laundry up to dry in your living room.

-You have lemon, apricot, fig, and mulberry trees in your yard.  (But you REALLY want to plant an olive tree...not for the olives...just to cut off branches of the pretty leaves for decoration in your house!)

-Your kids build houses in the yard for all the stray cats.

-Your shoes and the bottom of your pants are dusty most of the time.

-You wear your hair pulled up every single day.

-You get embassy alerts about not traveling to Gaza or Israel right now.  (wasn't really planning on it!)

-Your couches are so hard that they actually promote good posture.

-You get to interact with some of the kindest and most hospitable people who are so gracious as you butcher their language.


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