Monday, December 10, 2012

early morning

This morning I woke up at 5.  Just wide awake and ready to get started.  I love when that happens!  Because (especially when I'm pregnant) that isn't usually the case.  At the first call to prayer my sweetie girl came out to join me in the living room.  She had a fever all day yesterday, and now it's hurting to swallow.  So I made her some hot tea with honey, and she's asleep on the couch by me.  The third call to prayer is just getting started!  I love that our family usually sleeps through them now. 

Now that it's rainy season, it's hard to get the laundry to dry!!  (We don't have a drier!)  This week I learned where in the house to hang it so that it dries in a day.  That's good news, but laundry is still a challenge for me here.  I know, I know...some people don't have washers, and I'm THANKFUL to have a washer.  It's just that I'm constantly doing laundry since it takes so long to dry.  Oh well. 

I've broken down and started using mosquito killer (you plug something in, and it fumigates the room.)  When Catie had 30something bites just on her face, I decided it was worth it.  The organic girl in me is slowly fading away. 

We bought a Christmas tree and got it set up.  I'm not sure if I'm more excited about it or the kids.  I love that they drag their blankets out and want to lay right in front of it. 

Our house has no central heat or air, and sometimes it is COLD in our house.  So the kids want to sit right in front of the soba.  Christmas tree + soba + pillows and blankets = bliss!

We moved to phase 2 of language learning.  We look at wordless picture books with our tutor and talk about what's going on in each page.  It's fun.  The hardest thing about language learning is feeling like I never give it enough time.  I want to, but the practical demands of the kids, chores, homeschooling, and 2 hours/day in class leave me very little extra time.  And when I do have some extra time, I want to hang out with John and watch a movie (like last night)!

I am learning the grace of God in my life like never before.  Because I'm really not very good at anything here yet.  But that's ok (at least most of the time...occasionally I cry)!  I'm really resting on the verse that says that in my weakness He is strong.  I know that nothing depends on me being strong or brave or good enough.  I just get to offer who I am, and He does the rest.

(side note--Jacob's quote with this picture:  "I'm not cute, I'm awesome!")

There's a song I love right now called "Alabaster Box" sung by Julie Meyer.  It says
All I am
Is all I have
And all, all I have to give
I give it all to You
It's my fragrant oil
It's my costly perfume
I take my alabaster box
and I break it open.

I love that just who I am...imperfect and enough!

Grace and peace to you today, friends!!


  1. Oh Cristie! I want to cry but laugh right along with you! I've done the no-dryer thing by choice and it's hard to be washing ALL THE TIME!! Sheets and towels are the hardest. And those mosquitoes! Do they come with the location or is it something about where you live? Is there standing water nearby? Such big changes to adjust to by His Grace. Praying for you and loving you. {Hugs}

  2. Great post friend! I miss you and are praying that you will find rest:) I love that you mentioned watching a movie. Couple time is a must! You are awesome and I love your heart. I'm pretending we're having fufu coffee right now:)

  3. It was so nice having a look inside your lovely home. What more could we ask for. A roof over our head and happy children inside. Blessings, and a very Merry Chirstmas to you and your family!!!


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