Sunday, November 4, 2012


This past week has been our best one so far.  We're feeling more and more settled.  I feel great about piling the kids in a taxi and knowing that I can get where I want to go...but more importantly knowing that I can get back home!!  Some folks from TX came to our city and brought us some surprises from friends and family!!!  Really, there just aren't enough exclamation points to communicate my excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Construction paper, baby gifts, REAL vanilla extract, surprises from my mom and dad wrapped in cute packages.  Rumor has it that more suprises are coming with someone else who gets here tomorrow, so there might be a part 2 to this post in the near future. 

One of my VERY favorite foods in the world is this corn mixed with black beans and avocado.  We were at a grocery store the other day, and they had it!!!  I bought 3 bags and they're happily sitting in my freezer waiting for the day we have a microwave that works.

Found this beauty at the mall the other day.  My house smells AMAZING!
We also saw this sign at the mall.
WHAT?!?  Menchie's is our family's favorite fro yo spot in Roswell, GA.  We were super pumped, so I took the kids up there for an afternoon surprise one day last week.  But once we got in there, we found out that here it costs about $1.40/ounce!!!!!  We each got really small ones, but it still cost about $25.  Soooooooooo, we won't be doing that very often, but it was a fun suprise!
So thankful for each of these encouragments and just wanted to share them with y'all!

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  1. Hi guys!!! I LOVE keeping up with you through your blog and facebook!!!!! It looks like you are really getting settled there and your home looks wonderful!!! So happy you have some familiar things there, like the Birdseye veggies, frozen yogurt, etc. We miss you and love you!!! Keep the posts coming!!!


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