Monday, October 22, 2012

catching you up!

Hi dear friends!  Oh, I've been a bad blogger for the last 2 weeks.  Overwhelmed mama + some internet issues have meant that I have not been keeping up here! 

2 weeks ago we started language learning.  2 hours/day each weekday.  The week before last was GREAT.  Then last week I added in homeschooling Z, and John started working more, and I didn't do so great.  Man, I'm being stretched.  I'd really appreciate your prayers...for me to know what God wants our days to look like, what homeschool should look like for our family this year (it's certainly not turning out to be my creative/artistic dream!!), for energy, that I'll learn how to give grace to myself, that I'll cling to Truth when I'm overwhelmed!!  I'm trusting that times of pruning are a grace from God and will reveal beauty in the end. 

We've had some house repairs that were needed...some pipes needed fixing, some rotted cabinets, a broken fridge.  But now everything is working!  We're in our house. I'm hoping to take pictures or a video and give you a tour soon. 

We had our first doctor appointment here last week.  Our doctor does an ultrasound at every appointment, and he saw that this little baby we're expecting is a GIRL!!  Here she is...isn't she a beauty?!?
There are so many things here that don't feel normal yet.  Like a donkey in our street (that was a fun one!), trying to communicate, taking taxis everywhere we want to go (we can't buy a car until we have our residency), and so much more!
Homeschooling DEFINITELY doesn't feel normal.  Doesn't this picture look so sweet and amazing?  That's the crazy thing about blogs, I think.  You can take a snapshot and make your house, life, parenting look perfect.  This was a super sweet moment.  But we haven't found our groove AT ALL, and we're trying to figure out what to do so that we can all THRIVE in this season of transition!
I'm thankful for friends here.  A friend who works for the same company we do gave me these sweet flowers the other day.  I can't imagine being here alone!  Those friends have helped us in a million ways to get settled.
We're also trying to keep things normal in other ways, too.
A date night!!
Cooking together (chocolate chip pancakes)
Family game night
Making Mimi's FAMOUS biscuits
Well, I'll try (no promises) to do better at blogging.  In the next few days I'm hoping to show you some AMAZING pictures of a camping trip we went on.  And a glimpse of our street.  And a peak at language learning.  Thank you for praying for us and encouraging us in these first weeks in a new country!! 


  1. You will find your rhythm in time. You are living with so many changes, and being pregnant on top of it all! Extend yourself the grace you so willingly give others my sweet friend!

    I saw a preview of the camping trip via your mama last weekend. Wow! Want to see more! Beautiful amazing world God created!

    Love you! Hugs all around!

  2. Yay for another girly! And way to go at getting a blog post done--that is a feat amongst all the other irons in the fire including being pregnant. You are going to thrive Cristie (and not just make it)! You can make it past this adjustment phase--hold on to the sides of the little boat, He's got the oars.

  3. Oh thanks for this picture of your life, Cristie! Do give yourself grace. It WILL all come together in time. You've done beautifully with stuff that would be tough even here. Loved the before and after pictures of Catie's room on FB!And I know that language learning will get better. Soon you'll have friends to help and encourage you.

  4. Oh, friend! I love you and you are doing great! The post was great to get the real picture of how you are doing. Thanks for sharing your heart. We'll be praying!

  5. What a wonderful, courageous woman you are! We love you dearly.
    Mom (and dad)
    PHIL 4:13. One moment at a time

  6. Oh, GIRL, you are amazing!!! Thank you for being honest here, so that we can all know EXACTLY how to pray for you. I'm especially going to target your mommy-teacher heart, because I know how incredibly creative you long to be. Perhaps God will ask you to surrender that to Him for a little while - so that His grace will be allowed to fill in the "gaps" you think you see. (Hmmm... perhaps it's a message for me, too ;) SO excited to see where God has planted you for this season. And so excited to see a pic of your little GIRL!!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  7. Congrats on the little girl. On homeschooling...this is my 4th year and just remember it is homeschool which means do at the pace for your family! I had to keep telling myself not to compare myself with others. That will drive you nuts. If I can do it I know you can! :)
    P.S.If you don't remember my name put Stanford in the middle. :)
    Love following your journey!

  8. Oh Joy! A baby girl - Congratulations! I so loved reading this and seeing your postings on Facebook. It looks like you are nesting beautifully. I'm pooped just seeing everything you've been doing! You are being upheld in prayer and so much love is being sent across the miles to you and your precious family.
    x o


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