Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ahlan wa sahlan {Welcome!}

This has been a long holiday weekend around here.  Today we went to eat breakfast with some friends and then to a bird park.  In general, people here LOVE kids!  Jacob has learned to milk this for all it's worth.  When he is hungry and sees someone with food (I'm talking about strangers at parks!), he walks up close to them and looks at them with big, pleading, friendly eyes.  And every time, he scores food.  One day some guys in their late teens/young 20s gave Jacob and another 3-year-old friend each a twix bar.  Today he got some bugles and 2 pieces of pizza off people.  I try to interfere and say, "No, he is fine."  But people say, "Oh yes, take it."  It's kindof hilarious and very kind, but I think I have finally learned that I need to take food everywhere we go and have some to share.  I love that it opens doors to meet people, though!  : )

If you want to see the street that leads to our house, here's a little video I took of that a couple weeks ago.  My parents had asked to see what our street looks like, so I took it for them.  The "seeds" Jacob shows me that he wants to plant are olives off an olive tree.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!!  : )


  1. What a neat house and street! Your house feels serene. I know if won't be long before it's really home to all of you. Love you guys!

  2. Sweetie, thank you so much for giving us this glimpse of your home. I know it feels so different but what a great journey...I know you and the kids miss family terribly, but again what great new experiences for all of you...and you are right where you are supposed to be!

    I am praying you are feeling well physically, and you find nuggets of joy each day, comfort when you are overwhelmed and sad, and peace knowing you are in God's hands!

    Love to you all!

  3. Love the video idea (and your house and all its space/yard!). Great way to get all everyone in your world. I love seeing the kids happy and not bothered a bit with how things are different (at least not on the video!). You're doing a great job there Cristie! It made me want to come!

  4. Great video-thank you so much for sharing this. Getting to see it twice was such a treat:) I gave Andrew the extended version (extra comments in every room of your house)! Hope to see/talk to you again real soon! Love you friend-yes, I'm with Jenny you are doing GREAT!

  5. Oh, I just got all choked up! I loved both videos and see that you are embracing this new home and nesting beautifully! The kids are fully immersed in this adventure and it's lovely to see how well everyone seems to be adjusting. love and hugs


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