Monday, September 10, 2012

Richmond time

The day after we flew back from Colorado, we drove up to Richmond to see John's side of the family.  We were E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D!!!  We were SOOOOOO thankful that John's aunt and uncle let us stay at their house.  We slept a lot for the first couple days. 
We had a really fun day with John's sister, Mary Beth, and her family.
The cousins swam together!
We went to some fun museums in Richmond.

Mary Beth and her husband, Matt, treated us to SUCH a fun day.  We enjoyed our time with them and some of the cousins!
Here's John's mom and Mary Beth's new baby!!!
It was SO fun to see him while he's so little.  What a CUTIE!!  He's the sweetest little guy!
John's mom is such a brave and courageous woman.  She loves us so well and prays for us and our kids all the time.  We're so thankful for her and Mr. Tom.
John's aunt and uncle live on the same street at John's Grandma.  We LOVED being close to her!!  We would just walk down the street to her house.
She's famous for her M&Ms, fun toys, and checkers games.  The kids wanted to be down there with her ALL THE TIME!  Grandma is one of the most selfless, loving women I know.  She is so dear to our hearts!
She has a great climbing tree by her house, too!

I love these cuties!!!
Here's mom and most of the cousins...
We even got to do a little birthday celebration for Zach!
We are thankful for this time we got to have with our Richmond family!!

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