Sunday, September 23, 2012

One week here

We've made it through our first week here in the Middle East!    We have so much to be thankful for.  But if I'm real with you, it has been a really hard week.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  I knew the hard would come, but I wasn't thinking it would hit the first week.  But the combination of not sleeping well for the week before we came, saying goodbyes, jetlag, and not sleeping well for the first nights we were here had me WORN OUT and in a really vulnerable place.  Add in quite a bit of nausea from pregnancy, some tummy trouble from time to time, kids who are wild as they transition...and I have been feeling like a wreck. 

Two nights ago, we had some prayer time with our sweet friends here.  I'm so thankful for their love and help as we're getting settled.  We borrowed a fan from them for our room which helped make us cooler at night and drown out the call to prayer a little--which has helped me sleep better!  The painter starts painting our house today--which means we're closer to moving in and starting to get settled in our own place.  All of those are great steps in the right direction!

But most of all, my safe place has been Jesus.  I even told John one day that I was going to start holding my Bible while I sleep.  : )  I've been reading Psalms and just feel such a peace that it's in my weakness that He is strong!  Good news...cause I'm not feeling very strong in any way this week!

Hopefully later this week, I can give you a few more fun glimpses at our life here, but just thought I'd catch you up on the "inside story," too!  Thanks for praying for us and loving us!


  1. praying for you precious daughter. Thanks for sharing the hard stuff so we can pray along with you specifically. Love, Mom

  2. I love you friend! We are praying for you too. You are a light and encouragement to all who know you! I loved the last post about becoming part of your neighbors family. I turned to Andrew and said, "Oh, yay, they'll love Cristie!" Miss you girl! I know that you are being held right now.


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