Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 3

Today is day 3 of our time here.  It's morning, and I've set 2 main goals for myself today...
1.  Give myself and the kids a shower
2.  Cook dinner
Low goals, but realistic!  : ) 

Some highlights of our time so far:
Getting here with ALL our luggage

Friends picking us up at the airport...with dinner ready and beds made and ready for us to drop into!

Going out to a DELICIOUS arabic dinner.

Getting to walk through our new house and start dreaming about getting settled.

Meeting a neighbor who invited us over for tea.  Their family lives all around us...2 brothers, a sister, and another sister building a house.  I said, "We're surrounded by your family."  She said, "You will be part of our family."  There are things to LOVE about this culture!


  1. Those are wonderful goals! Ah, life overseas! So glad for some wonderful sounding neighbors for you--let it be life giving!

  2. Sounds like enough for one day...:)
    What a wonderful welcome from your friends and neighbors.
    And I gotta say again how much I love this house. I love the long room...the contempory feel of it
    I see splashes of color, texture in pillows and happening in abounding there!
    Love you guys!

  3. Such a lovely first week so far. I'm happy your setting realistic goals too!


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