Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is here!

YAY!!!  My mom and dad and brother are here to celebrate Christmas with us.  I'm sitting in the living room watching country music videos and listening to my dad and brother sing.  That's the sound of my childhood, and it's sweet to my soul!  Oh, and I was so ready for it!  I had pneumonia this week and 2 kiddos with strep.  John has been an absolute hero!!!

But there's also been SO much sweetness.  I wanted to give you some little peaks into the fun we've already had.

My little elves have been helping me ...

Here's a few peeks of house decorations...

Check out these AMAZING candle holders made by my friend, Courtney...

I won a blog giveaway this week.  It's one of my very most favorite blogs.  And I'd taken a class here in Waco and made a journal with these amazing artists.  And I WON A GIVEAWAY ON THEIR BLOG!!!  I am still on the moon with excitement!

I made this fun little garland this year.

I made that from the scraps from these little goody bags for
the teachers at Zach's school.
Thanks, pinterest!!

Some neighbor and friend gifts...

Well, the excitement was building, and THIS BOX came from my brother with gifts. 
The kids were SOOOOOO excited...and so was I! 
Notice Zach stretching his arm out to show you the scale of the box.

Mom and dad and Jeff got here yesterday, and the fun is ON!!!
Here's dad working on some building projects with the kids.

Last Christmas, dad and Zach built this great gumdrop tree.
We reloaded it, and it's a hit!
Here's a sweet Christmas hug.  I could just sit and look at this picture...for a long time!

Merry Christmas from Texas, friends!!!


  1. i know your heart is bursting right about now!! so very grateful your family is there to celebrate with you guys. and i know your mom, dad, and bro are as excited to be there with you.

    kisses and hugs to all!!

    love you!

  2. So glad that you're feeling better and that you're enjoying your fam at Christmas! Love you!

  3. Happy New Year! I have just had a blast with your mom. Wish you had been here too. Love you,


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