Monday, December 12, 2011

food fun!

We've been having some fun food around here lately!
Here's a peek...

I make smiley-face toast some mornings.
The other day, I fancied Catie's up!

I was SO happy that Zach had no school the whole week of Thanksgiving.
One day we had a special turkey lunch!  (Thanks, pinterest!!)

One of our family FAVORITES is mystery muffins.
I put some batter in, a little jelly in the middle, and more batter on top.
These disappear FAST!

Mikayla bought Jacob some special Cars mac and cheese.
I love this stage when little boys are into trains and cars.
Check out how excited he was!!

And most recently (thanks again to pinterest), we had a fun Christmas snack.
I wrote out directions for zach on how to assemble it and sent it in his lunchbox. 
Since he is into all things detective and figuring out clues, he LOVED it!
I've got to think of some more mystery lunch box ideas.

I hope you get to play with your food today!

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  1. these are precious...look at those happy faces!
    i know what you mean about trains, trucks, and cars. when Sean was asked what he was thankful for, it was beans and big trucks!! gotta love 3yr old boys!!!

    love you my friend!! give the kiddos hugs for me.


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