Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a little more Christmas

Here's a little more Christmas excitement...better late than never, I say!

This happens every year to our nativity set...
One of the kids turns each part to face baby Jesus and crams them around Him.
And every year it's the sweetest reminder to me that that's how my heart should be...
centered and focused on Jesus.

My mom and my brother and I playing words with friends with each other.
cause that's what you do when you're together...
you connect electronically.
(Jeff...this is a friendly reminder that if you don't play a word in
7 days or something it forfeits and I win!!)

My brother brought each of the kids one of his treasures from growing up.
Jacob got one of his cars, and here he is hugging it.

Matching Christmas pjs!

Jeff got Zach this really cool marble track.  This might be the last time you see Jeff smiling because after that he pretty much disappeared for 2 days to assemble the track.  {insert evil laugh}

Zach was super excited to get a remote control helicopter!

My precious mom and dad...i love them SO much!!
It was such a treat to have them here braving pneumonia and strep throat germs.

My dad cooked his amazing Christmas breakfast.

Here's a closeup...

tea party with mimi (it's a tradition when she's here!)

This is an AMAZING new Christmas book.
You should check it out if you have kids you like to read to!

It was such a special Christmas!!!
Mom, Dad, and Jeff, thanks for coming to Waco!

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