Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodbye to friends

Some interns came to work with our company in our previous country.  They arrived 2 days before us, and we got to say goodbye to them on May 2 before they left to return to the US.  By May 2 the changes were coming so fast in our lives that I was kindof in shock, I think.  I just couldn't do much blogging, but I want to try to document some of the last couple months.
I'm so thankful for the months we got to know these amazing men and women.  Each one of them is so precious to our hearts.  They loved us and our kids through such an intense time.  I love this picture cause you can see them investing in 3 of our kids...even in their last few minutes with our family.   
They were friends to me while we found our way in a new country.
This guy came over many weeks and did a morning of art with Zach.  It was one of Zach's favorite parts of every week!
I'm thankful to God for the many many ways He has provided for us over the past year!

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