Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm laughing at myself that I'm posting a Thanksgiving post in February.  I know you've all been waiting to hear about it!  : )  This post is just for I don't forget sweet memories!

Thanksgiving was our first holiday out of the US.  We had a really fun day.  One of the highlights for me was getting to make some decorations for the table.

I got to make them with these beauties, Caitlin and Jessica.  Precious girls who are here in this country teaching English for about 8 months.  I've loved connecting with them!
I made my mom's DELICIOUS Parker House Rolls.  I remember peeking over the counter and watching her make these for Thanksgivings growing up.  It was my first time to tackle them on my own, and they turned out great!
Here's my friend, Rebekah.  Her husband and John work together, so our lives intersect a lot!  She is so much fun and such a blessing to be with!
Here's another sweet friend, Jessica.  She's here for 8 months, too.  She works for the company with John and Chris.  She is a blast!!  I love being with her, and I love how she invests in our sweet Catie-girl.
Zach has always liked cooking, but he has really gotten into it here.  He made these lemon bars to go with our feast.  (With lemons picked from the tree in our back yard.)  They were delicious!
Here's our whole group that works together and our kids...
This was the view of our neighborhood on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a fun day...good friends, good food, and so thankful to God that He is with us wherever we go!!


  1. I hear you on wanting to make some memories. I am tempted to go back on a lot of past events and blog them (but way more than a few months!). So good to see you (and your beauty shots!) and hear about things. I know you are going to thrive Cristie! Every day is another step towards normalcy even with Hannah coming. love you friend!!!

  2. Loved catching up! It was so fun to talk to your mom after the visit. It felt a little like being there. I can't wait for the next adventure. Love you much, aunt pat


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