Friday, February 22, 2013


Christmas was such a push for me this year.  You might have read my post in January asking y'all to pray for me because I was so sick.  That sickness had stretched over Christmas and just zapped my energy.  You guys who are moms know that you'll push through for your kids.  If it had just been me, I think I would have curled up in bed and slept for two weeks.  But I was determined to make Christmas as fun as I could for our kids.  I barely got any pictures, and I still have some Christmas shopping to do (we have money from mom and dad for Christmas gifts for the, am I a little behind?!?), but I think we did the most important things.  So here's a list to remind me that I didn't totally fail at our first Christmas overseas!
  •  We put up a tree, and the kids LOVED it!!!  Each familiar ornament was such a joy to pull out!
  • We decorated our house.
  • We had a cookie decorating party at our house for all of our friends in the city.

  • We had some fun celebrations!  We went out to a special meal with our work team, had a dessert party with all our co-workers in Amman, and had a fun Christmas day hang out time with our work team.  It was so great to have this extended family to celebrate with!
  • We kept some of our favorite family doing "What God Wants for Christmas" together and reading Christmas books.     
  • We did some fun Christmas baking.  We even made peppermint shakes one day...a little touch of Chick-fil-A!  
OK, writing that list really did help remind me that we did have some really sweet times.  Even if I do still need to finish Christmas shopping and reading The BEST Christmas Pageant Ever to the kids.  : )

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