Thursday, April 26, 2012

fro yo, baby birds and arabic...

This post is about as random as they come, but I want to capture these fun memories!

We got an app on our ipad that teaches some arabic basics. 
Z wrote his first arabic words/letters the other day.

Last night we went out on a family fun bomb with Mikayla.  She's about to get married, so our time with her is really getting short.  We have a really silly song on our computer left over from KidzZone days called "Disco Duck."  When the kids hear the music, they know it's fun bomb time.  The loud cheering and the RUNNING out of bed to get shoes on is one of my very favorite things!!

I'm super-excited to announce the newest members of our family...the BABY BIRDS!!! 
Catie said, "I'm so happy about the baby birds.  The mommy bird must be SO excited."

Hugs and love to you, friends!


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