Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Fun

I LOVE Valentine's Day!
It just makes me smile!
I think it's because I love to celebrate
and do fun things with my kiddos,
and this day gives me the perfect excuse.

Last year I told you about one of my favorite family traditions...
our Valentine's pouches!
Here they are for this year!
We make each other little notes or buy little surprises and tuck them in the pouches.
We also include any cards we get in the mail, and we open our pouches at dinner on Valentine's Day.
Here's Catie making hers...

I saw a really cute necklace idea on pinterest and made a similar one for Catie...

I LOVE ball jars.  This year my favorite little Valentine's decoration idea came from pinterest, too.
Check these out!!

This batch was for the kids' teachers!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! 
Thanks for reading and sharing in the big and little things in our lives!

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  1. Super idea on the pouches! My family would love it AND my girls would love that necklace--so cute! Great job Cristie!


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