Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everyday Fun

Sometimes being a mom is HARD!  The last couple weeks have been one of those times.  The kids have been pushing the limits, I've been tired, and that's just not a great mix.  In those times, it just helps so much to look for the everyday smiles.  And even at the hardest, I wouldn't trade this season of life for anything!  And I don't want to forget these moments that make me smile.  Here are some of them!

The outfits Catie puts together...

Jacob loving the John Deere tractor...the third kiddo to love it!

Warm enough weather for the kids to play outside!
(Here's one of Zach's best friends and his little sister is one of Catie's best friends!)

This fun paint-your-own castle.  Catie and I have had fun painting together.

Zach--our scientist--doing experiments in the kitchen.

Just plain ol' silliness!

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  1. I love your family so much. Even more, I love the way you love your family. Just wanted you to know that


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